General Sales Conditions

To contact directly please call to at +34  937 189 064 from 8:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday.

Territoriality belongs to Pirobloc S.A. (Spanish company) and so the client is subject to Spanish law. Expressly states that in case of dispute will try to find the best solution for both parties.

Customer acceptance

The fact that the customer confirm your order automatically implies express acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale. These conditions apply to the exclusion of all others, except by written agreement signed by the parties. Sale by email, phone, fax or mail also implies acceptance of these conditions. These can be read directly on our website if you want these conditions can be sent by email, fax or mail on request.


Prices are quoted in euros, excluding VAT and shipping.

Prices may change at any time depending on variations in prices from our suppliers and introductory offers or promotions.


If the customer is an individual / company can place an order directly through the website, email, phone, fax. If the customer places his order through the website, he filled in a form appropriate to their data. The customer must check the form before submitting your order. assumes no responsibility for errors or sending e-mail or misdirection caused by a merchandise order form is filled out incorrectly.

Item Availability

Our offers of items and prices are valid during use on the website and until the stock of the current item is available.
All the products on our website you can check your availability or delivery time. Will be reflected as follows: "3 days", "usually 4 days", "Pre-order", "Days", "Item discontinued."
If providers can not supply a product, the expected delay will be communicated to the customer by email or telephone.

The Bill

An invoice is generated automatically at the time of acceptance of payment by in case of bank transfer or at the end of the checkout if paying by credit card. This invoice will be emailed to the address listed in the user account. You can also access your historical invoices through your user account on

Preparation time

Orders placed via the Internet are recorded in order of arrival Monday through Friday. The delivery time may vary from minutes to days depending on the mode of payment selected (for example, the customer should be aware that if you pick as payment by bank transfer, this is not received at the same time that done if the banks are different), the availability of stock, and the conditions or requirements necessary to indicate the company through email or by phone from the order.

Transport time

These deadlines depend on the carrier. informs the customer that the announced deadlines are provided by the carriers. If these deadlines are not respected, carriers may not in any way responsible do.

Nor are we responsible if the delay is caused by a wrong delivery address provided or at the time of delivery the customer is not in the direction indicated.

Place of delivery

Items are delivered by default in the delivery address specified by the customer in the order form. If the delivery address is different from the billing, the customer must indicate on the order form and the package is delivered to the delivery address specified.

Absence in the time of delivery

In this case the carrier is free to leave a note in the box indicating that they have gone but have not found anyone at home, in which case the client must contact the freight to resume shipping. It is likely that the agency does not leave any notice or is lost, in which case the customer can obtain information on monitoring delivery of the carrier's website or by contacting

Late delivery

It is likely that the package does not arrive on time guaranteed by the carriers. If the delay is very exaggerated, the customer can contact to open an investigation on the location of the goods.

Strikes or force majeure

In case of strike, the carrier or any other event source that slows or prevents exceptional delivery of merchandise, will implement all the media to inform the customer about the shipping status of your package.

Confidentiality of information

In its order, the information will be kept confidential by

This information is copyrighted and not unveil any third party.


The company Pirobloc SA be free of its delivery obligations in case of force majeure.
The company Pirobloc SA accept any responsibility for the misuse or improper items ordered by the customer.